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(TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE ENTIRE BLOG) Just another blog dedicated to calling out rape apologists and victim blamers on their myths (i.e. men can't be raped, women can't be rapists, it isn't rape if they're drunk, ect). This is a place to share your stories and experiences with rape culture, no matter your gender, race, religion, or sexuality.
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So, today I made the mistake of logging onto facebook. First off, this sounded to me kind of like a rape joke, which got me angry. Second off, my boyfriend told me that this kid (who’s like 15 or 16) raped a 12-year-old girl back in February. The girl’s brother beat him up at school. Instead of getting angry about how their friend was the rapist of a 12-year-old, they got angry about how the brother started the fight (he came up behind him and started kicking him in the face (I saw the video)). After everybody had found out about the accusation and the fight, people decided to make excuses for Kacee. 


x Might as well say #TeamRapists! Who cares if a child was raped? Fair fights are all that matter.

x Sorry, but rape isn’t about sexual arousal. Also, stop making rape jokes.

This next post is the comments from the previous frame.

Justin, there’s this little thing called “age of consent”. Yeah, it means that the government can set an age where anybody lower than that can’t consent. Ohio’s is 13. It is against the law to have sex with anybody under the age of 13 in the state of Ohio, no matter the age of the rapist. It’s called statutory rape. Also, I was told that she said that he held her down. That’s forcible and statutory. Marie, pls stop with your victim blaming. It’s not becoming of a human being. The victims never want to be raped. It’s everybody else’s business because he’s a 16-year-old that raped a 12-year-old. And if Renee is implying that Kacee was 13 when it occurred, that means that she was 9. Do you not see what’s wrong with that?

ATTENTION future employers of Kacee Otero, Marie Alicia Russomanno, Justin Frost, Renee Ruby! Just so you know, Kacee Otero (of Toledo, Ohio and Whitmer High School) is a rapist! The others are apologists who make excuses for rapists, and might actually be (potential?) rapists since they think sex with a 12-year-old is okay. 


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