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When choosing to be a sexy Indian princess this year for halloween please remember that 1 in 3 native women will be raped in their lifetime (mostly by non-native men) and remember by doing so you’re contributing to the harmful stereotype and sexualization of native women. Halloween is fun. You don’t have to be a racist piece of shit.

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A woman who says “No thanks, I’ll sleep on the floor”; a woman who freezes up and tenses at your touch; a woman who says “I really don’t want to” and “We really shouldn’t” and “We can’t” and “Please at least wear a condom” is not saying yes to you, and if you would like to pretend that that is unclear, you are a liar, you are being disingenuous, you are lying and you know it.
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please realize that the fetishization of Asian girls often intersects with infantilization (e.g. the Asian schoolgirl trope)

this is not only racist in its characterization of Asian girls as immature, childish and not to be taken seriously + as objects for men’s sexual pleasures, but also additionally disturbing because of its pedophilic implications 

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Armenia faces a severe crisis of widespread violence against women and children. Due to the cultural and safety concerns of reporting violence, many women do not report violence and are often stigmatized for doing so. As a result, the Armenian government is able to deny the problem. Furthermore, Armenia currently has weak domestic violence laws and no law addressing sexual violence. Encouraging greater reporting and greater awareness of the problem is the first step to legislative advocacy and legal enforcement. (x)

Today, October 1, is National Day Against Domestic Violence in Armenia.

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Treating porn as if NONE of the women who work in the field are doing so 100% willingly or enjoy their jobs is simplifying and ERASURE of women's experience. Absolutely, there are major major issues with the current mainstream porn industry, because obviously it does not exist in a vacuum and thus patriarchal bullshit and misogyny run rampant in it. But to act like ALL these women are poor helpless victims that need to be RESCUED is condescending, disrespectful, and takes away their autonomy.
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Ummmm what was the point of this?? during a conversation of abuse victims in the sex industry, you decide point out that small minority of happy porn actresses? That derails the conversation from the history of abuse, manipulation, and coercion from the porn industry. No one ever said that there have never been willing women in the sex industry ever, but these posts were specifically about the victims.




things they don’t show you in porn:

  • elbowing each other in the face
  • leg cramps
  • queefing
  • accidentally pulling each other’s hair
  • ass pubes

things they also don’t show in porn:

  • sleepy morning sex
  • mutual giggle fits over awkward situations
  • sex fading into cuddles fading into sex and back into cuddles
  • your lover’s o face

so don’t ever compare yourself to porn thank you

things they DO show you in porn:

  • countless scenes of women getting raped, which millions of men masturbate to every minute
  • women who are forced to intoxicate themselves via drugs and alcohol in order to push themselves through scenes that they are, under contract, forced to perform
  • women who look dead in their eyes, as if (god forbid anyone actually admits this) THEY’RE NOT ENJOYING THIS AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE FUCKING SUPPORTING IT
  • women being abused (more videos being created and uploaded daily) with such force that their bodies literally have to be sewn back up afterwards because they were destroyed (but your orgasms take precedence, right)
  • women who have to endure, day in and day out, men spitting on them, hitting them, “destroying them”, forcing them to do scenes they did not consent to, forcing them to endure scenes that WHEN THEY SIGNED THEIR CONTRACT, they were told THEY WOULDN’T HAVE TO DO, etc

things you all apparently give a shit about instead of all of these facts:

  • whether or not people are shoving elbows in each others faces
  • people who have “sleepy morning sex”
  • fucking giggle fits

things that liberal feminists are concerned about:

  • "choice"

all y’all need to grow up, wake the fuck up, and educate your damn selves

Asker Anonymous Asks:
But porn ISNT all bad. Why do you think it is?! I mean, look at sites like AbbyWinters. The focus is on the woman's enjoyment/orgasm (they actually do come, hallelujah) and any m/f scenes are with her actual real life partner. What's so wrong about that?
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What is more important, taking down an industry that profits from sex trafficking, raping, abusing, and dehumanising women & girls, or pretending none of that matters because of your personal enjoyment of some part of the industry? With that said, you can never be sure that everyone in the videos you watch consented to all activities and consented to having the videos made publicly available.

You also cannot just declare as a fact that a porn company cares about their performers & features healthy, consensual, mutually pleasurable sex as though all the women choose to do porn because it’s their #1 desired career. Economic necessity is a major reason that a lot of women end up in porn and this isn’t any different for women working in supposedly “woman-friendly” porn companies. These smaller companies are competing with the mainstream porn companies and they have to appeal to enough advertisers & viewers to make profit; you are willfully obtuse to assume that consideration of ethics is a factor in swaying the decisions of pornographers.

I looked up this Abby Winters site and its founder is a man known as the “Australian porn king,” Garion Hall, who also owns G Media. (Abby Winters isn’t a real person—he originally used the name to pose as a successful woman in the business…hmm, I wonder why!) The company refused to remove content when requested by several former models and Hall himself got busted on allegations that he’d used underage models. Whether he truly did or not is a moot point, what you want me to believe is that this man who makes money from the sexual exploitation of 18-19 year-old female performers cares about their safety & well-being. Most of these young women are poor students and accepting a wad of cash for nude modeling or filmed sex acts is not enthusiastic & informed consent.

You ask me “what’s so wrong” about non-mainstream porn companies doing the same things as mainstream porn companies on a smaller, less extreme scale. Ask yourself this. Why are you okay with sacrificing financially desperate teenage girls & young women to a world where men can pimp their bodies and profit off their sexual labour? Why are you okay with these girls & women having their future hopes & dreams ruined because those sexually explicit pictures & videos come back to haunt them later on (this is very, very common)? Why are you okay with girls & women internalising the cultural belief that their only value comes in their sexual attractiveness & ability to please males?

Truthfully I don’t care how body positive, diverse, & “pro-female” your porn supposedly is; female bodies shouldn’t be sexual commodities for your entertainment.