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Become a member at http://lakota.cc/1kvf8ka. This is just an example of the corruption that South Dakota DSS perpetuates. Learn more about the Mette Case at http://lakotalaw.org/special-reports/the-mette-affair. There are many stories like this, which is why we are assisting the Lakota tribes to create their own foster care system.

Free the Mette Children!

The South Dakota Dept. of Social Services placed 7 Lakota foster
children into foster care with a non-Native, known molester.

In what appears to be a common situation, the state of South Dakota placed 7 Lakota children into a foster family with a known molester, Richard Mette, and his enabling wife, Wendy Mette, from 2000 to 2013. The DSS knew of the accusations against Mr. Mette, but still placed Lakota foster children with him.

The state ignored MULTIPLE complaints of sexual and physical
abuse, and pleas for help from the children.

1. In 2001, the state ignored the foster boys’ complaints of molestation, and simply made the Mette adoptive parents sign a contract pledging to discontinue any illegal behavior.

2. In 2007, one of the girls told the police how she was sexually molested by Mr. Mette. She reported that Mrs. Mette knew about the molestations. Again, the DSS defended the Mette foster parents, and allowed the children to stay in the home.

3. Afterwards, Kelly, the older foster sister who had aged out of the Mette foster family, was getting reports from her younger siblings that the sexual and physical abuse was increasing and intensifying. She reported this to the South Dakota DSS, who ignored it and said they did not believe the children.

Yankton Doctor sees bruises and reports abuse. In October 2010, the only boy among the Mette foster siblings at that time went to see a doctor at the Human Services Center in Yankton, S.D. The child, covered with bruises, disclosed abuse occurring in his adoptive home. He also detailed how Richard Mette, the adoptive father, was molesting the girls. The doctor contacted the authorities at once.

Brandon Taliaferro, the Assistant State’s Attorney responsible for criminal child abuse cases in Brown County, immediately began an investigation.

The police search the Mette house and find more evidence of sexual abuse, including enough pornography to “pack a store”, including “family incest” porn.

The children revealed they had been subjected to physical abuse, sexual molestation and threats of being beaten if they did not comply with the molestation or if they told anyone. In addition, the children explained that they were often given a choice between “b***jobs or beatings”.

The children say they were forced to watch incest porn with Mr. Mette. The children were told that the porn, with titles like “Family Heat”, is how families are supposed to act.

The disgusted police charged Mr. Mette with 23 counts of child rape and incest, and Mrs. Mette with 11 counts of physical abuse and enabling.

The State prosecutor, however, first attempted to drop all charges, and charged sexual predator Mr. Mette with only one count of “spanking”.

When the State was not allowed to do this, they decided to charge Mr. Mette with only one count of rape of a child under 10. The other 22 charges of aggravated child rape and incest were

The State then dropped all charges against Mrs. Mette, who the children said knew about and enabled the abuse.

Children are now back with Mrs. Mette, where they can’t sue the State DSS. As the state’s DCI agent explained, South Dakota fears that they will face an expensive lawsuit by the seven Lakota foster children whose complaints of sexual abuse were ignored by the state
for 10 years. Since they are now minors in the custody of Wendy Mette, the person who enabled the abuse, they cannot sue the state without her permission and support.

What can we do?

Please call Tony West, the Associate Attorney General of the United States, and let him know that the federal Department of Justice needs to Free the Mette Children immediately!
(202) 514-9500

Learn more: www.lakotalaw.org/special-reports/the-mette-affair

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a reality check that’s a blow to the solar plexis

SEE ALSO: why i’m crumbling under the weight of prolonged loneliness for fear of letting anyone in again & repeating this


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A mini documentary on sex trafficking of Native women, with particular focus on Minnesota (Native women & girls are frequently sold on the shipping boats that travel around the Lakes, and have been for decades).

"People don’t see Native American women as humans. They see them as punching bags. Or something novel, like a new toy—it’s fun at first, but afterwards you throw it away." —Sarah El Fakahany, Sexual Assault Advocate at Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

This is very sad, I didn’t know that the Native American women and girls were part of sex trade and prostitution.

it is a very big problem, much bigger than many people realize or want to admit, even among Native communities. if you go to a truck stop anywhere near tribal communities late at night, you will see young Native girls who have been trafficked. Minnesota, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, & Washington are particularly bad. here’s some more resources on sex trafficking of Native women:

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[TW: Rape, Torture]

Georgia teens indicted for brutal post-prom rape that left unconscious victim hospitalized

A grand jury indicted three Georgia teens in connection with the post-prom sexual assault of a former classmate.

The case quickly drew comparisons to an assault in Steubenville, Ohio because the victim had been drinking at a party attended by many other students who initially said nothing about the alleged attack by prominent athletes.

The victim told investigators she was raped early May 11 after passing out at a resort cabin in Gilmer County by three young men she was unable to identify.

Sheriff Stacey Nicholson said the suspects used a foreign object to inflict some of the worst injuries he’d ever seen, forcing the girl to be hospitalized.

“Her injuries were substantial,” Nicholson said.

Other students used social media to publicize the case in the days after the alleged assault, but detectives had already launched an investigation and eventually interviewed more than 50 witnesses in the case.

That’s not unlike the way the Steubenville investigation unfolded, although five school officials there were later indicted on tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, or failing to report child abuse charges in connection to the 2012 case or other incidents.

In Georgia, sheriff’s deputies charged Fields Chapman, Avery Johnson, and Andrew Haynes two weeks after the victim reported the assault, and they were barred from graduation ceremonies by Calhoun High School.

The two Steubenville suspects, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, were arrested 11 days after the alleged assault that drew international attention after the group Anonymous became involved.

Mays and Richmond were convicted in March 2013 in connection with the sexual assault.

The case had provoked strong emotions among community members, but the sheriff said his detectives investigated as quickly and thoroughly as they could.

“But we did not work on Calhoun’s time or on the media’s timeline,” Nicholson said.

A grand jury indicted all three suspects in the Georgia case Monday, nearly two months after the alleged assault, on aggravated sexual battery charges, and Chapman and Haynes were each indicted on an additional sodomy charge.

Chapman was also indicted on 28 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, which prosecutors said involved another victim who exchanged sexually explicit images and videos with the former student.

He and Haynes had been arrested months before on underage drinking charges, and Chapman was on probation at the time of the assault.

A fourth student – the class valedictorian and most valuable player on the school’s baseball team – was present when the girl was assaulted, but authorities said he was not a suspect and cooperated with the investigation.

Prosecutors said they do not anticipate additional felony charges in the case, and they will not likely file underage drinking charges against the 20 or more students who were drinking at the party because they had cooperated with the investigation.

Aggravated sexual assault carries a possible 25-year prison term, prosecutors said.

Watch this video report posted online by WSB-TV

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There ARE laws against this. It’s called rape by deception or fraudulent rape and basically, it’s anytime the conditions of your consent are compromised. In a situation like this, you consented to protected sex. By having sex in a way you did not consent to, a crime WAS committed and he could be charged if any physical effects like pregnancy or STD occurred. Remember, ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITY YOU DON’T CONSENT TO IS RAPE. 

If a guy does this, it’s rape. Call the cops. Ruin his life since he has no problem risking yours. Make him fucking learn. Rapists belong in jail. Rape by deception is rape, not a funny “meme”. 

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This is rape culture

Why are guys so scared of murder? Y’all should feel pride that I risked my life in jail just to fUCKING KILL YOU YOU FUKCING DOUCHEBAGS

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I came across this cryptic poster today near Lincoln Center. The QR code leads you to this website, which explains that it’s part of a campaign created by New York-based visual artist Chang-Jin Lee to remember the victims of Japanese sexual slavery during World War II and to raise broader awareness of sexual violence during wartime. The campaign will culminate this Wednesday afternoon at Columbia University with the screening of a mini-documentary produced by Lee that includes interviews with “comfort women” survivors and a former Japanese soldier. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Columbia history professor Charles Armstrong.

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Raping women seems to be a normal byproduct of wars. During World War II, the Japanese military even set up a system for sex slavery: Tens of thousands of “comfort women” in Asia were forced into prostitution at military brothels. In addition, many girls were abused sexually in railroad wagons, factory warehouses or night after night at home. Most of these women have suffered physical and emotional consequences ever since. Photographer Jan Banning and writer Hilde Janssen visited Indonesian women who during the war were victims of forced sexual labor. In this exhibition, 18 of them break the persistent taboo against speaking out on the issue, thereby painting a gripping picture of this hidden history.

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in case anyone needed further illustration of what an actual piece of shit admitted rapist curtis lepore is.

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Stay strong sis.

White feminists have been real quiet. Where are the long dissertations about supporting Jada?

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